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Recent events have uprooted our reality and have shifted our schedules, perspectives, and lives as we knew them. A lot of us have taken this as an opportunity to look inward, reflect, modify our habits and lifestyles, as well as educate ourselves on the status of global issues. With it happening all at once, to all of us, this can feel a bit shocking and overwhelming. We have now adopted new thoughts, insights, and awarenesses. Now, we are faced with a huge question that’s answer lies solely within us, what action will we take and who will we be once all of this is ‘over’? 

No longer will we look at each other as separate from one another but equals that have endured the same tragedy. The coronavirus pandemic has also taught us that we are each other's keepers. By making certain choices we keep not only ourselves, but our neighbors, safe. We’ve seen how powerful a helping hand can be to a person in need. We’ve seen how essential each member of our society truly is. We’ve seen that the world is a completely different place without unitary action. We’ve seen that even when facing catalytic catastrophe we are able to prevail. We’ve seen that none of what we accomplish would be possible without joining forces.

In our own right we have all become Changemakers with even the smallest of acts.

Through regular hand washing, social distancing, rationing of goods, supporting local businesses, shopping for products that giveback, volunteering, donating, checking in on our neighbors, families, and friends, we have participated in a global movement of making a difference with our well-being at its core.

This is exactly what it means to be a Changemaker. Teams of support systems, such as people and institutions from every facet of society, are required to make lasting change as well as the courage to see and do things differently from how they previously have been done. It requires creativity, innovation, and intentional effort. 

And this is the very world that inspired Feya Co.’s mission, vision, and initiative as a changemaker company!

We love making exquisite smelling products but our real passion and driving force lies in the changes these products are able to produce through their purchase - ensuring that every Feya purchase directly benefits a person in need.

Our changemaking consists of working alongside organizations working to improve communities around the world by boosting the local economy and serving the food your purchases are able to provide to those who need it most.

Feya Co.’s most recent changemaking campaign is through our ‘Changemaker Box’. The Changemaker Box is a three candle bundle pack, now only for $30, and we'll send you 3 of these scents: Creme Brulee, Southern Tobacco, Caribbean Salsa, Sandalwood, Black Oak Currant, Campfire, Harvest & Cedar, Dreamsicle, Sage & Cinnamon - a great way to try out new Feya scents!

Each 6.5oz candle burns for 40 hours, is USA made, made with 100% soy, uses natural wicks, is cruelty-free,vegan, additive-free, non-gmo, skin safe, and uses no palm wax! The best part about the Changemaker Box is that with the purchase of the 3 candles, you are automatically providing 3 full meals to someone in need! Giving never smelled so good! 

Whether it is through the purchases of our products or your personal individual efforts, Feya Co. is excited to team up with you, as a Changemaker, in order to create lasting change and make the planet we all share a better place. We, at Feya, encourage and support you to be the Changemaker you would like to see in the world!


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