What are Feya Candles made of? 

Each Feya candle is hand-poured with 100% soy wax, and a quality certified fragrance oil, top it off with a 100% cotton wick, and you have yourself a simple, clean, beautifully smelly candle.

How long does a Feya candle burn?

As long as you keep the wick trimmed to ¼ in before burning each time, your 6.5oz Feya candle will last up to 45 hours, and our 20oz candle gives up to 135 hours of smelly burn time!

What if I spill my reed diffuser?

Reed diffusers contain fragrance oils that may cause damage to finished surfaces, fabrics, and some plastics. Avoiding spilling, and cleanup immediately if a spill does occur. If ingested please contact a medical professional.

How long do diffusers last? 

Your Feya reed diffuser will last approximately 3 months or more! To get the maximum fragrance out of your diffuser we recommend flipping your reeds (carefully) about once every other week, this will keep the capillaries cleared out so they can carry the fragrance up and out the top of your reeds easily.

What is the Botanical Candle line?

The Botanical Candles are poured into a gorgeous, cream ceramic holder, topped with a light bamboo lid. The candles are wrapped in a seed paper label. Once you plant the label, beautiful wildflowers will grow!

How do I use the seed paper labels in the Botanical Candle line? 

To Use Seed Paper Label: 
1. Remove all adhesives from the seed paper wrap.
2. Fill the container with at least 2 inches of soil. Place seed paper inside and top with 2 inches of soil.
3. Place your label in the sun, water it often, and watch it grow into beautiful wildflowers!

What if my candle is sweating upon arrival?

In warmer weather, some sweating can occur. To solve, wipe down your candle before lighting.

How do you give meals?

We partner with Kids Against Hunger, who we buy the bits and pieces of the meals from, each meal is certified nutritious and has a long shelf life. We pack the meals 10k+ at a time with volunteers then send them off to groups, organizations and people in need.

We ensure they go to those that need them most by establishing relationships with organizations, and/or hand delivering them ourselves! 

Why meals and candles?

Chief Candle Lady Sarah was raised part of her life by Faye and Pamela who were amazing women, wonderfully caring, and great cooks. They both passed too young, and when Sarah was at her own rock bottom in life, she knew she needed to do something like they would have - that was to feed people. So, after a failed candle retail store, Sarah knew candles, and thanks to Faye and Pamela she knew food. With that Feya was born, it exists to live as they lived - always giving back to those who need it most!

Do reed diffusers contain essential oils?  

No! The reed diffusers do not contain any essential oils which can be harmful to pets when used in reed diffusers and other chemicals which have been identified to be harmful to pets in high quantities are either not used or are trace amounts, significantly below safe standards set by the FDA. When used as directed, these products are pet safe.

How do I edit or cancel my subscription? 

You will need to create an account to manage your subscription. Do this by clicking ‘Create Account’ that can be found on the side bar menu. You can also add orders, skip orders, or change delivery address at any time by creating an account.

Can I order wholesale for my store? 

Absolutely! You can follow this link OR email hello@feyacandle.com to get a free personalized consultation for shop needs! 




If you have any other questions or concerns, head over to our Contact page or email us directly at hello@feyacandle.com.