Gift Ideas for the Boyfriend!

Gift Giving Guide: For the Boyfriend! Make an impact on the world while giving him a gift that he'll truly cherish.


Believe it or not - this Polaroid Tri-Blend T-Shirt from Greenstain is made from 6 plastic bottles AND they plant a tree for every product sold! If that didn't already sell you, imagining your boyfriend sporting this nature-inspired shirt might do the trick - keeping him stylish all year. Add in our Sandalwood soap for an earthy and smooth scent, reminding him of an afternoon stroll through the Pacific Woods.



Greenstain is a purpose-driven company looking to make the biggest impact possible on our natural environment. This is why they’re selling the most sustainable t-shirts on the market made with sustainably sourced materials and manufactured in a way that is much more eco-responsible than traditional methods. Each tri-blend t-shirt is made with 6 recycled plastic bottles, saves 490 gallons of water through our manufacturing process, and provides living wage jobs for people in Haiti. They also partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree in California for every item sold to help remediate the land impacted by wildfires. They want to be the path of least resistance for people to be the change they wish to see in the world!

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