Feya Fam - About Regen

Regen, our Event Maestro for Feya, joined the team in 2017 and has held many different roles. Completely talented in everything she does, she’s been Sarah’s right hand gal, helped plan tours, and managed our temporary retail location at Gateway Mall. Regen is bright, bubbly, and hopes to be a COO one day! She is now working from Alabama as our go-to communications gal by processing invoices, maintaining relations with our department stores, and is running our Feya Foundation so that we are able to give and do MORE around the world.

Regen first heard about Feya when she saw a job posting as a student at UNL. She always loved retail, so she jumped for the opportunity and was able to meet Sarah.. and the rest is history! As Regen has grown with the company and there have been many changes, she loves to continue to be involved for a variety of reasons.

“I work at Feya because it is not only a family atmosphere but we are also making a difference in the community and the world.”


Regen’s burning desire is to visit all 50 US states. She has gone to at least 30 so far, including Alaska, Nashville, Florida, and even New Orleans, with many more trips planned for the future! She absolutely loves her 5 little sisters, going to the movies, travelling with the hubs, and everything sparkly! If it is green as well, then it is 100 times better. She also loves to rollerblade, and is currently binge watching Arrow, 100, and Grey’s Anatomy.

If Regen ruled the world, on day 1 she would..


“I would work to give everyone the opportunity to travel somewhere other than where they were born. I think by seeing other people and cultures it helps people to be open-minded to changes and uniques that others have.”  



If you have any questions for Regen, feel free to send her an email any time at regen@feyacandle.com


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