Gift Ideas for the Cook!

Mix it up this holiday season with these amazing gifts that give back - to the loved one in your life who always gives you the best food.

This soft & stylish Turkish Towel, found at Global Hues Market, is traditionally hand-spun on looms one at a time in Turkey using the same techniques passed down from generations. Purchasing this towel means you are supporting an ancient craft and community. To complement these amazing hand towels, Cold Brew from Dodger Coffee Co. is the perfect way to give them energy as they cook away - and our Creme Brulee Candle is sweet and soothing for when they're taking a break. 

Global Hues was born out of a deep desire to ignite change in the world by meeting tangible, long term needs. They offer a curated collection of home goods, accessories, coffees, and more that have been created in vulnerable communities around the world. They focus on poverty elimination, orphan prevention, and trafficking abolition by creating jobs through retail partnerships. In addition, they donate 10% of our profits towards sex trafficking rescues. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

Dodger Coffee Co cares about the world, the people in it, and our impact on it. They work to responsibly, sustainably, and ethically source their products and work to give back as they grow.

This September, Dodger Coffee Co became a giving partner to the Feya Foundation. For every order that is placed on their store, they donate a meal. Their staff will also take part in the packing parties for the meals that they helped fund.

Follow Dodger Coffee Co on their social platforms to keep up with how they are making the world a better place. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or visit their website at

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Thank you for supporting gifts that change the world during this holiday season.


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